Instagram influencer received ‘hundreds’ of obscene photos

An influential person on social media said that he had been a victim of cyber flashing for the past 10 years.

Podcaster Jess Davies, of Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, said she had received hundreds of unsolicited obscene images.

Calls for cyber flashing to become a crime are increasing as part of efforts to toughen laws on online safety.

The UK government said its plans “would force social media companies to crack down on online abuse.”

Jess, who has 151,000 followers on Instagram, said she has become almost “insensitive” to the images sent to her, adding: “What is illegal offline should be illegal online.”

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“I probably get cyber flashes every month, maybe more, it really depends on what I share.

“This has been going on for 10 years. I have probably received literally hundreds of these images. The kind of things I get are close-up shots or of them having sex.

“When I receive the images it makes you feel a little dirty and you start thinking, ‘why me? Why did they send them to me, is that something I have done’?”

He fears that it has become “normalized” online, compared to what is tolerated in public.

“If you had thousands of men showing you on the street, that’s illegal, and that would be a big deal and a big conversation, so why do we accept it online?”

Cyber ​​flashes have become increasingly common during the pandemic as people spend more time online, activists have said.

On Tuesday, a joint committee of parliamentarians will publish their report on the UK government’s online security bill, aimed at introducing stricter regulations for social media companies.

Cyber ​​flashing is not included in the bill, but activists and MPs backing the change hope it will be added and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said it should be illegal.

The campaign to criminalize the act of cyber flashing is a personal one for Conservative MP from Brecon and Radnor Fay Jones.

At 17, a man showed her in Cardiff.

“I picked up my dad late at night from the city and as I was walking to the restaurant where my dad was, this guy walked up to me and exposed himself to me.

“I’ve never forgotten it. It stayed with me for so long. But, every time I tell that story, someone says’ Oh yeah, when I was 19 or when I was on a bus this happened. It’s just too common.”