Lauren Conrad shares Christmas gift picks for the little ones

Mother of two and E! Holiday guest editor Lauren Conrad shares her favorite gifts for kids. We interviewed Lauren Conrad because we think you will like her selections. Products shown are Lauren’s own brands. ME! has affiliate relationships, so we can get a commission if you buy something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E! Prices are accurate at time of publication. If you have holiday gift shopping on your list, but you haven’t done so yet, you’re not alone.

 And if you’re looking for some ideas on shopping and how to get organized, you’ve come to the right place. ME! Holiday Guest editor Lauren Conrad has tips on completing that gift list and some tips for the little ones in your life. Lauren admitted that she “never, never, never” gets ahead of her Christmas shopping, but this time she did, commenting, “You know what I did? I put time on my calendar, which I never do, but literally scheduled time to do my Christmas shopping.

The Little Market founder explained: I did it because I think people tend to think that it’s something you do every time you have free time, but I made a real effort to do it. I always leave a lot for him at the last minute and all years and I say ‘I’m going to be better next year’, but this time I kept it incredibly. Fortunately, Lauren is ahead of the game because that means we have to choose her mind about shopping for children’s gifts, including items to avoid.

Now that your children are a bit older, is it easier to buy from them now that they have more opinions? Or are they very particular about what they love for the holidays? LC: They are both. It’s useful because they can tell you what they want, right? However, sometimes the things they want are not ideal. However, it can be great. I asked my oldest son to write a letter to Santa, which became my shopping list. That couldn’t be easier, but he included a pet fish, which means I have to get him a pet fish that I’ll have to take care of.

There are so many different ways to approach gift shopping for kids, from something educational to fun toys and clothing. What is your route? LC: Usually I don’t buy clothes for my kids just because I buy clothes for them all year round, but I usually buy clothes for other people’s kids. In the case of toys, I try to be thoughtful, from a couple of different perspectives.

If it is someone with whom I am close and I am familiar with their home, I will think about it aesthetically and buy toys and stuffed animals that will look good in their home with their decoration. I try not to buy noisy, battery-operated gifts for my friends’ kids. I consider it to be “do to others as you would like them to do to you. Whether it’s an add-on or a main gift, I usually give our little knitted characters from Little Market.

My favorite is the polar bear, but we have tons of different options that appeal to different tastes and interests, which are all cute. They are a bit smaller and made by hand. It is a nice gift for a little person. It’s funny because the amount of stuffed animals he accumulates really adds up. I have some really beautiful ones that my kids have received over the years. I always try to keep those out and the others are thrown into the closet. I try to choose the cutest ones that you don’t mind sitting around the house.