Recipe Dal Chawal October (2021)

bharuchi dal chawal

This recipe has been coming to the site forever. It is a recipe I send out to loved ones all the time. I am Bharuchi (from the Baruch district in India) and my husband is Surti (from the Surat district in India). Surti Dal Chawal is different to Bharuchi Dal Chawal.

Some people prefer Bharuchi Dal Chawal to Surti Dal Chawal and so I am often asked for this recipe. So much so that I have it saved in my phone to send out any time I am asked for it.

lentils Lentils are a healthy, nourishing and cheap option for lunch/dinner. They have a high protein content, but also contain a good amount of starch and carbohydrate.

what makes dal chawal so special

Dal Chawal is very flavourful and comforting. To me it screams home. It is so much more then a plate of food. It is Mum, Dad, Siblings and LOADS of screaming kids running around as high as kites because Nani gave them all sweets.

It is joy, laughter, teasing, pinching, games and straining to hear your thoughts in a room packed to the brim with humans. This dish is usually made on special occasions like weddings or Eid. It is also made regularly in some homes just on a normal day or on a Friday (Jumuah), which is a special day for Muslims.

It is served with papad, kachumber salad, and pickles. how to make dal chawal For the Rice – Rinse and boil 1/4 cup toor daal. You can use red lentils instead if you prefer. They don’t need pre cooking. Add oil and ghee to a pan over medium heat.

Add cumin seeds and daal. Then stir in the rice. Now add twice the amount of of water to rice. Add salt. Bring to a simmer and when most of the water has gone, cover the pot and leave till cooked. for the daal Wash the meat (I use 2lb shoulder). I prefer shoulder meat because it is the most tender part but with leg meat – you get more for your money and it is moist too. Just not as moist.