The most amazing insults of season 3 of the succession

The third season of HBO’s Succession ends tonight! So let’s take a look at the many insults the Roy family has spilled. We get it, Succession season three may be the most hilariously wild yet. So we’re saddened to see HBO’s hit wrap up its third season tonight, December 12. So, as we head to the finale, let’s take a look at the best insults and punches the Roys have thrown at each other this season. For those who need a refresher, this chapter of Succession began with his son Kendall Jeremy Strong and his father Logan Brian Cox once again hugging each other.

This civil war came about thanks to Kendall’s double crossover decision at the end of season two, where he exposed his father for knowing about misconduct and other wrongdoing at the company. And while Logan wanted Kendall to fuck off” this season, the former heir apparent has mostly refused to back down, providing plenty of opportunities for family fights. Although a recent showdown has left us worried about Kendall, but we’re digressing.

One of our favorite burns occurred in episode four, Lion in the Meadow, in which Kendall and Logan were forced to meet up to appease a panicked shareholder, played by the brilliant Adrien Brody. During a walk with the well-dressed shareholder, Logan had a health crisis, but Kendall only seemed to be concentrating on business. When Roman Kieran Culkin found out about the incident, he called his brother and snapped a new one: “You tried to kill our dad with the sun. Do you have a fetish for almost killing dad? I eat just the tip, but stop, like, killing to dad?

Vicious, right? Well that’s just a taste of this season’s iconic writing, as the rest of the cast, including Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, and J. Smith-Cameron, have also featured some epic lines. For a closer look at the best burns from Succession season three, scroll through the gallery below. I’ma grind his fucking bones to make my bread Logan on Kendall That insincere little f-kdoll Shiv on Kendall Do you want to suck my dick?
Logan to Roman Shout at Roman’s response: “… is what you told your son when the sexual assault allegations came in.